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Vladimir Labat Rovnjev

Vladimir Labat Rovnjev – sculptor, painter, graphic artist, songwriter, composer, poet and designer. Last few decades spiritual realities seeker. His father, Stevan, was a professor of physical education and his mother, Olga, also. Their family Rovnjev as a distinguished Russian nobility, gifted artistically, came to this area in 1920.
Elementary school, high school and Teachers’ college-department of arts, he graduated in Novi Sad. Until 1976, he practised tutorship, especially in education of arts.
Since 1979, he has been experimenting in the fields of sculptures, poetry, music and in development of spiritual energy. He releases LP album in 1979, RTV production, on the subject of ecology. He creates acoustic sculptures, he is one of the pioneers in the world, and since 1980 he has been performing on them, he plays concerts, makes exibitions, creates music for radio, television, theatre and film. All this is possible thanks to him knowing and using 16 different crafts, so he is able to connect his ideas as a sculptor and a musician who transforms that idea into a multimedial concept.
The author is also a participant of numerous exibitions, as his own or as a group, concerts in homeland and abroad and he was a guest in hundreds of TV and radio shows and gave many interviews.
One of his remarkable works he united when created the symbol of Yugoslav military and special forces SDB. The latest multimedial design ‘OMFAL’ and ‘SVAR’, created in 1996, an authentic design as such in the world, represent acoustic, energetic and visual structures and shapes, whose impact activate sensitive and overwhelming perception.
This form of creations leads a man into altered state of mind and graphic and spacious form permanently transforms and keeps in parallel dimension which we ‘SEE’ by perception which is all sensitive. He is a member of The Association of fine arts of Vojvodina, The Artists of Vojvodina, The Association of fine and applied arts of Vojvodina and The Association of Performing Artists. He is also in an international directory of significant persons.
He lives and works in Popovica and Petrovaradin fortress on Fruska Gora.

Lucija Selakovic Labat

Lucija Selakovic Labat was born in 18th October 1968, Pozarevac, Serbia. Growing up in the countryside of Stiska plateau and Podhomolje, she began to investigate in the early age and showed interest in nature, creating through drawings, writing, movement, music, games and dancing.
She graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade. Upon completion of her studies she worked as a professor of mathematics and computer science. At the beginning of the nineties, she suffered from a rare neurological disease. For many years she was bedridden, being treated and coping with health problems.
In search of healing, in 1999 she became acquainted with Vladimir R. Labat. The first time she met him and his work was in the field of sound, sculpture, development of spiritual energy, spiritual ecology and spiritual-environmental awareness through multimedia projects “SVAR3” and “SVAROMFAL (brightness of the center)”. That year was a turning point in her life. She began to explore the field of spiritual, ecology, nature, science, sound, sculpture, energy, light, creating, creativity and human consciousness.
From 1999 to 2008 through spiritual work and cooperation with Vladimir R. Labat, through the development and maturing of spiritual and ecological awareness and enlarging her own creative potentials, she started to heal. She became a mother and achieved in that field also.
Since 2008 she has been working with Vladimir. R. Labat, as a contributor and participant in the development of multimedia projects “SVAR3” and “SVAROMFAL (brightness of the center)”. Thanks to the creative-researched work, spiritual work on herself and developing of her own creative potential, she actively enters into the world of spiritual and material creation and creative musicianship.
She engages in work and writing in areas of development, maturing and nurturing spiritual ecology and spiritual-ecological awareness, energy, light, sound, creativity in children and adults, culture, spiritual life and its everyday applications, as well as the relationship of a man to himself, environment and nature. He participated in many local, regional and international projects, conferences, workshops and panel discussions in these areas.
She devoted her life to work on the development of creative spiritual awareness in children and adults. Through everyday life and work she expresses love, as well as the commitment to humanitarian work through the Foundation “VRL” and multimedia projects “SVAR3” and “SVAROMFAL (brightness of the center)”.
She is a member of the Serbian Society for Integrative Art Psychotherapy.

Đorđe Labat

Djordje Labat was born in 1979 in Novi Sad in the artistic family where love towards music, painting and sculpturing were cherished. This will determine, in a natural way, his sensibility for art and guide his interests for different forms of creations and artistic expressions. Although as a child he didn’t pay much attention for musical education, certain paths would lead him later to different ways of expressing himself.
He is a graphic designer and when he was a student he began to engage into digital form of art. The love for painting, music and using contemporary digital tools leads to combining different technics and start a life of their own as mjuzART.
Meanwhile he takes part in many concerts of multimedial project ‘The light of the centre’ in Novi Sad (Synagogue and Catholic church port), in Belgrade (The Kolarac’s National university), in Sombor (The National theatre).
The sleeping love for music started to wake so he began to play guitar and percussion. Then playing the piano followed and when he became a part of the project SVAROMFAL he started to sing. Also interest for flute and ocarina arouse. The violin on the shelf waits for its right moment.
He is a member of UPIDIV and took part in many group exibitions.